Wilwood Disc Brakes Releases New DOT 5.1 Rated Hi-Temp 570 Brake Fluid

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Wilwood Hi-Temp 570 racing brake fluid has been a staple of circle track, road racing, and autocross markets for decades. The newly released DOT 5.1 rated formula is even better.

wilwood disc brakes hi temp 570 fluid

The new lower viscosity fluid was specifically formulated to allow modern ABS, stability control, and brake-based limited-slip systems to react faster. The DOT 5.1 rated formula retains the 570° Fahrenheit dry boiling point and other features of the previous DOT 3 fluid. It continues to be highly resistant to aeration and foaming for an improved pedal feel, lap after lap.

For racers and cars without ABS, the new lower viscosity also makes bleeding and flushing your brakes quicker and easier, getting you back behind the wheel faster. Just do NOT use it where silicone DOT 5 fluid is specified.


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With headquarters in Camarillo, California, Wilwood employs approximately 250 people. We have on-shelf stock of more than 300 different brake calipers, 200 rotor designs, 100 master cylinder designs, and a wide assortment of brackets, fittings, valves, and brake lines. Our off-shelf brake calipers range in size from tiny calipers used on go-carts and light duty industrial equipment, to heavy-duty original equipment brakes for the U.S. military Humvee.