Total Seal’s® New Claimer Gapless® Ring Sets

Perfect for Weekend Circle Track and Bracket Drag Racers

Total Seal is the leader in high performance ring design and manufacturing for the racing world. They have now expanded their line of Claimer Gapless® rings sets designed specifically for budget minded racers. These are perfect for weekend circle track and bracket drag racers that want all the performance improvements that our Gapless® has to offer but are on a tight budget that doesn’t permit them to move into our higher line rings. These sets feature moly coated iron top ring rings, Gapless® 2nd rings and 3 piece low tension oil rings. They are offered in the following drop in bore sizes and ring combinations. They are also perfect for the current popular crate engines.

New Offerings:

CL2010 4.000” 1.5 1.5 3.0mm Bore sizes, STD .010”, .020”, .030”, .040” .060”
CL6264 4.000” 2.0 1.5 4.0mm Bore sizes, STD .010”, .020”, .030”, .040” .060”

Total Seal® pioneered Gapless® technology over 50 years ago and has been perfecting it ever since. The Gapless design provides Increased horsepower and torque, longer engine life, saves money (fewer teardowns), improved consistency, longer ring life, better oil control, less Friction, increased intake signal, wider torque curve and more engine vacuum.

Total seal offers a complete line of Claimer Ring Sets, including our newest ones detailed here. For more info, please visit Claimer

Please call and speak with one of our ring specialists who will guide you through the best rings for your particular application.

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In late 1999 we moved into our new 32,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona. It houses the latest in research and development equipment, manufacturing machinery and technology focusing on developing and manufacturing piston rings for any and all applications.Our rings continue to show up on the world's fastest, from Winston Cup to IMCA to IRL, from marine to drag racing, oval track to off road - nobody builds piston rings that seal better than Total Seal.