New “Super Sub” Hits the Submersible Market

The Super Sub We Need

U-Boat Worx reveals the fastest addition yet to its already impressive fleet of models – the Super Sub.

u-boat worx super sub profile

Distinguished by a long tail and advanced wing design, the Super Sub is the most hydrodynamic sub on the market. A best-in class propulsion system with four powerful thrusters delivers a total of 60 kW allowing for steep 30-degree climbs and dives. The result is the smoothest and most exhilarating underwater experience, capable of diving to depths of 300 meters, all while maintaining an almost 360-degree view.

Conceived by an owner whose brief was to create a submarine capable of keeping up with large marine life, the Super Sub delivers an unprecedented eight knots underwater. That’s two knots faster than the cruising speed of a bottlenose dolphin, and five knots faster than the average submersible.

The Super Sub is more than a ticket to an underwater theatre, it’s a backstage VIP pass that immerses guests in the heart of the action.

With the first Super Sub model already sold and set to deliver in 2023 the sub is set to form a core part of the company’s general range of submersibles; the Super Sub will eventually become a fully developed range of models. Take a dive into the underwater world here.