Lokar Introduces New Vintage Series Throttle and Kickdown Cables

Lokar Performance Products announces a new line of throttle and kickdown cables that will definitely appeal to the street-rod crowd, especially those looking for a final nostalgic detail. Using their proven design, Lokar now offer scables in a variety of colors derived from an outer covering of woven cotton strands which harken back to the vintage era of hot-rodding.

To protect the cotton, each cable is clear-coated for years of maintenance free performance. These new Vintage Series cables feature an extruded PTFE inner lining for smooth operation and adapts to most factory and aftermarket throttle assemblies. Just like every Lokar product, each cable is made in the USA and is backed by a lifetime warranty.



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It is Lokar’s steadfast belief of “Made in the USA”, that sets us apart from others. It would be easy to stray from that belief given the state of the economy and the ever increasing foreign influences, but American Made is the foundation of this company and we continue to stand by it.