EV Boating: Magonis Wave e-550 Moves Across the Sea at 22 knots

Venetian Holiday

Until now, electrically powered boats have mainly been used for lake navigation, particularly on lakes where internal combustion engines are prohibited. But as clearly shown by the automotive world (always a forerunner in motoring developments), environmental awareness is increasingly pushing towards electric drives. Thanks to shipyards such as Magonis, boating can be in step with the times. The signs are very promising all things considered, from the approval the boat received at its world debut last spring at Venice Boat Show to the tests in the sea in Sabaudia.

Magonis Wave e-550 at sea

“The Venetian Arsenal and the canals of Venice were the ideal setting for the world debut of the Magonis Wave e-550,” explains Mathieu Quintart, COO of the Italian-Spanish shipyard. “The passionates and the industry have appreciated and perceived the project’s philosophy: comfort, efficiency and respect for the environment, combined with details that give the boat a strong personality. In addition to all this, there is electric propulsion on a hull designed for these engines and not simply adapted, as shown by the specific study of weight distribution to accommodate the batteries. This is a significant difference. In Venice we established a lot of contacts and started major relationships with possible distributors. We did so by presenting the Wave e-550, which has the second smallest motor among the four that we have on the list, the 10 kW Torqeedo Cruise. However, most requests were for the more powerful versions.”

So, after the positive Venetian debut (which is significant, also considering the city’s goal of completely electrifying all boats by 2028), it was important to test the potential of the Wave e-550 with the most powerful engine, the 30 kW (about 40 hp) Mag Power, especially in open sea. Testing took place in the sea off Sabaudia, the shipyard site the Magonis was built in, confirming that the data developed in the design phase were absolutely realistic: 22 knots of top speed with a range of 10 hours at 3 knots. On a typical day at sea, cruising at speeds ranging from 3 to 22 knots, the Magonis Wave e-550 provides almost two and a half hours of continuous navigation, with 18% battery power remaining at the end of the day, ensuring safety.

The behavior of the Wave e-550 at sea further revealed the boat’s excellent features, confirming the quality of its design and hull lines, which proved highly seaworthy even in rough sea conditions. Essential for this performance is the low displacement (335 kg), obtained through the vacuum-infusion construction of the exclusive Light X Pro technology, developed by the Magonis team of engineers and designers.

Standard equipment includes a 4kg stainless steel dolphin striker and anchor, a bathing ladder with four large steps, four designer stainless steel cleats. Stainless steel is used for the forward rail and windscreen uprights. There are plenty of optional features: telescopic table, full teak deck, refrigerator, shower, anti-theft device and an 8-square-metre XXL awning supported by carbon uprights.

Magonis Wave e-550 at sea

An impressive feature is the instrumentation, which has been replaced by a suitably waterproofed 13″ iPad that owners can carry with them at all times. There is also a dedicated slot for charging smartphones, while music is provided by a 120 W Fusion system.

In addition to the two engines mentioned above, the (strictly outboard) range also includes the 4 kW (approx. 6 hp) Torqeedo Cruise or the 18.0 kW (approx. 24 hp) Mag Power. Even in terms of price, the Magonis Wave e-550 manages to impress considering the quality of the finish and the electric propulsion: from 33,485 Euro with the Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 RL to 68,900 Euro with the Mag Power 30.0, VAT included.