Dixon Tests New Safety Appliance

Well It Ain’t Open Cockpit Racing Anymore

Scott Dixon recently tested the Red Bull Aeroscreen in a full-motion simulator to see how the new safety appliance would fit with an IndyCar driver’s particular needs. Apparently, Dixon was comfortable with the innovation. In the meantime, by the time IndyCar is done, they may as well merge with IMSA or NASCAR, call it a Sports or Stock Car division and move on. There’s ‘innovation’ and then there’s screwing the pooch aka as a Pyrrhic Victory. Remember boys, you’re supposed to be trying to attract new fans not make the cars so similar in configuration that each series looks like ‘everyone’ else’s series.

Nevertheless, I do have a question; how are you going to get the driver out when the car’s upside down and on fire; you going to put doors in the tub too?

Just Call It A Funny-lookng NASCAR Stocker And Leave It At That